Monday, September 10, 2012

10 minute block table runner

Following is quick instructions for a table runner which I made using the 10 minute block method. These instructions are based on the fact that you, the reader, already know how to make a 10 minute block. If you somehow stumbled onto this blog and don't know,  just do a you tube search and you'll find several good videos.

As you can see, I've made 3 ten minute blocks.  I cut nine 4 1/2 inch squares of one color and six 4 1/2 inch squares of another.  If all 3 squares are the same color you cut 12 squares for the blocks and 3 for the centers.  The blocks sew up to be a cat whisker shy of 8 inches square.

I cut three 1 1/2 strips of coordinating fabric for the sashing around the blocks. (You can get away with 2 if you steal 2 eight inch pieces off each strip).  I sew 2 eight inch strips to the first block (One piece on each end).  Sew on the second  block, sew 2 eight inch strips on the third which I then sew to the second.  Then I sew on the side strips.  If you're a legalist, measure the length of  your three framed blocks,  if  you're me I just sew on the outside strips and trim off the extra.

Next step is the outside border.  I cut two 2 inch strips and sewed it on the sides.  I squared up my block and then proceeded to add the pointy ends.  Now I'm not sure I did this the legal way but it worked fine for me.

I took my 12 1/2 inch square ruler and set it on top of my partial table runner.  Notice that I have the ruler so that the numbers run down both sides.  If you look at the picture you'll see its resting at 10 inches where the ruler meets the runner.  This tells me if I cut a 10 inch square and then cut it in half I will be able to sew it on the ends of my table runner.  I actually added a 1/4 inch and cut it at 10 1/4 and then trimed off the extra..

I then cut two  2 inch strips for the binding and added it.  If you prefer a narrow or wider binding adjust your fabric width accordingly.

I have seen this table runner done in valentines fabric and instead of sewing down the center square, they left it puffy and sewed a heart in the center.

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