Sunday, September 13, 2009

Christmas Kitties Raffle Quilt

An original Ozark Mountain Cat Design made for donation from the 2008 Lorelei Christmas Fabric line. Besides the Lorelei fabric the front is enhanced with bits and pieces of quality 100% cotton quilt fabric.

It measures roughly 43 by 45 inches (Cat’s notoriously are a paw or two off on their measurements) and is backed with 100% cotton fabric that is pieced because of the width of the quilt. It is machine quilted with Premium Sulky variegated quilting thread on the front and solid black Admiral bobbin thread on the back.

The batting is low loft black 100% cotton. It was a cut from a huge roll at a commercial quilting store two years ago so the “brand name” is no longer available. Because of the sharp contrast of colors (reds, whites, blacks) we do not recommend washing it unless you have had experience with fabrics that tend to bleed. If you HAVE to wash it, I would suggest using cold water and at least six “Shout” Color Guard sheets be added to the washer with it to minimize bleeding. I would then allow it to dry naturally and not be put in the dryer.

The following photo shows a close up of some of the quilting. The quilting is done with a Pfaff Grand Quilter. The quilter (term used loosely) has a quilting skill level of C- which is enhanced with lots of heart and plenty of colorful language.

The following picture shows the fabric on the back of the quilt.